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Student Satisfactory Survey

Student’s Satisfactory survey was conducted in various aspects to get the outcomes and for further improvement. From this survey we obtained satisfactory results.

Sr. No. Name of the student Gender Student ID number Program name
B. PHARMACY 2018 - 19
1 Pooja Bandi Female 18M71R0051 B. Pharmacy
2 Pradeep Kumar Gudisi Male 18M71R0052 B. Pharmacy
3 Mounika Munaga Female 18M71R0038 B. Pharmacy
4 Mounika Podalakuru Female 18M71R0039 B. Pharmacy
5 S. Afrin Female 17M71R0002 B. Pharmacy
6 R. Hemasree Female 17M71R0023 B. Pharmacy
7 Divya Teja Kotapadu Female 17M71R0019 B. Pharmacy
8 Giridhar Edagottu Male 17M71R0020 B. Pharmacy
9 S. Mohammed Shareef Male 17M71R0051 B. Pharmacy
10 N. Sai Lokesh Male 17M71R0077 B. Pharmacy
11 K. Sai Manogna Female 17M71R0078 B. Pharmacy
12 B. Sruthi Female 17M71R0092 B. Pharmacy
13 Pradeepika Maddipatla Female 16M71R0052 B. Pharmacy
14 Pushpalatha Dibbeesa Female 16M71R0053 B. Pharmacy
15 Raghavendra Vangimalla Male 16M71R0054 B. Pharmacy
16 Rajkumar Doddi Male 16M71R0055 B. Pharmacy
17 O. Abdul Rahman Male 16M71R0002 B. Pharmacy
18 K. Gowtham Male 16M71R0022 B. Pharmacy
19 P. Harshitha Female 16M71R0025 B. Pharmacy
20 G. Malasree Female 16M71R0041 B. Pharmacy
21 R. Raghavendra Male 16M71R0054 B. Pharmacy
22 H. Renuka Female 16M71R0058 B. Pharmacy
23 U. Sreenivas Reddy Male 16M71R0075 B. Pharmacy
24 S. Venkata Manideepika Female 16M71R0095 B. Pharmacy
25 V. Lavanya Female 15M71R0021 B. Pharmacy
26 C. Mukesh Kanna Male 15M71R0034 B. Pharmacy
27 Y. Nandini Sree Female 15M71R0036 B. Pharmacy
28 S. Nooridhin Nawab Male 15M71R0040 B. Pharmacy
29 S. Rpranush Kumar Male 15M71R0044 B. Pharmacy
30 S. Rafi Male 15M71R0045 B. Pharmacy
31 K. Ramya Female 15M71R0046 B. Pharmacy
32 S. Salma Female 15M71R0055 B. Pharmacy
33 B. Taslim Female 15M71R0071 B. Pharmacy
34 V. Vyshnavi Female 15M71R0084 B. Pharmacy
PHARM. D 2018 – 19
1 Aishwarya Naruboina Female 18M71T0001 Pharm. D
2 Dharani Saginala Male 18M71T0002 Pharm. D
3 SK. Amrin Female 17M71T0002 Pharm. D
4 T. Anil Kumar Male 17M71T0003 Pharm. D
5 S. Manideep Male 17M71T0015 Pharm. D
6 T. Sailaja Female 17M71T0021 Pharm. D
7 A.Anusha Female 16M71T0001 Pharm. D
8 E. Siva Jyothi Female 16M71T0021 Pharm. D
9 K.V.Surya Teja Male 16M71T0028 Pharm. D
10 S.N. Yogesh Male 16M71T0029 Pharm. D
11 P. Kalpana Female 15M71T0009 Pharm. D
12 G. L. Narasimha Male 15M71T0010 Pharm. D
13 U. Venkatesh Male 15M71T0027 Pharm. D
14 N. Arun Teja Male 14M71T0002 Pharm. D
15 R. Divya Female 14M71T0006 Pharm. D
16 C. R. Anusha Female 14M71T0016 Pharm. D
17 D. Sai Kumar Male 14M71T0020 Pharm. D
18 Bhanu Sree K Female 13M71T0001 Pharm. D
19 Jagdeesh Babu M Male 13M71T0006 Pharm. D
20 Jhansirani Indukuri Female 13M71T0007 Pharm. D
21 Keerthi Kandati Female 13M71T0008 Pharm. D
M. PHARMACY 2018 – 19
1 Afreen Shaik Female 18M71S0101 Pharmacology
2 Kavitha Nukanaboyina Female 18M71S0102 Pharmacology
3 Mounika Jutur Female 18M71S0103 Pharmacology
4 Renuka devi Kanuru Female 18M71S0104 Pharmacology
5 Veena Kumari Nandavaram Female 18M71S0105 Pharmacology
6 Venkata siva chandana Jinkala Female 18M71S0106 Pharmacology
7 Bhaghava Gogula Male 18M71S0201 Pharmaceutical Chemistry
8 Karishmaa Devara Gutta Female 18M71S0202 Pharmaceutical Chemistry
9 Naga Yogendra Katuru Male 18M71S0203 Pharmaceutical Chemistry
10 Anusha Thondam Female 18M71S0301 Pharmaceutics
11 Harika Putcha Female 18M71S0302 Pharmaceutics
12 Kavya sree Chepuri Female 18M71S0305 Pharmaceutics
13 Swetha C Female 18M71S0306 Pharmaceutics
14 Sriharsha Reddycherla Male 18M71S0401 Pharmaceutical Analysis & Quality Assurance
15 Sukanya Kunchepu Female 18M71S0402 Pharmaceutical Analysis & Quality Assurance
16 Hari Krishna Jalli Male 18M71S0701 Pharmaceutical Analysis
17 Kulayappa Jaripiti Male 18M71S0702 Pharmaceutical Analysis
18 Lakshmi devi meegada Female 18M71S1101 Pharmaceutical Drug Regulatory Affairs
19 Naresh kumar narisetty Male 17M71S1101 Pharmaceutical Drug Regulatory Affairs
20 Ramanika k Female 17M71S1102 Pharmaceutical Drug Regulatory Affairs
21 Rajesh babu k Male 17M71S0701 Pharmaceutical Analysis
22 Anusha bandatmakuri Female 17M71S0401 Pharmaceutical Analysis & Quality Assurance
23 Ashok sanisetty Male 17M71S0402 Pharmaceutical Analysis & Quality Assurance
24 Lakshminaveena sheelam Female 17M71S0404 Pharmaceutical Analysis & Quality Assurance
25 Sreenath ambarapu Male 17M71S0406 Pharmaceutical Analysis & Quality Assurance
26 Anitha venkatrayappagari Female 17M71S0301 Pharmaceutics
27 Aruna buduru Female 17M71S0302 Pharmaceutics
28 Bhargavi juturu Female 17M71S0303 Pharmaceutics
29 Ramya kaluva Female 17M71S0306 Pharmaceutics
30 Reddy dayakar chitiki Male 17M71S0307 Pharmaceutics
31 Rohith kumar nookala Male 17M71S0308 Pharmaceutics
32 Shahabuddin sk Male 17M71S0309 Pharmaceutics
33 Sravani gotike Female 17M71S0310 Pharmaceutics
34 Roja reddy manchala Female 17M71S0201 Pharmaceutical Chemistry
35 Sandhya pottendla Female 17M71S0202 Pharmaceutical Chemistry
36 Sireesha bobbala Female 17M71S0203 Pharmaceutical Chemistry
37 Babu repana Male 17M71S0101 Pharmacology
38 Bhavani meesala Female 17M71S0102 Pharmacology
39 Jagadeesh kumar Male 17M71S0103 Pharmacology
40 Kalyani rayamalpuram Female 17M71S0104 Pharmacology
41 Krupa sagar k Male 17M71S0105 Pharmacology