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ANCP has an Alumni Association which was started in the year 2009. Currently more than 650 students have registered their names in the association.

Till date 8 Alumni meets have been organized at ANCP. Office bearers of the association are selected by nomination whenever required.


Annamacharya College of Pharmacy has an Alumni Association which was started in the year 2009. Alumni’s role is valuable as it helps to build and nurture an institution’s name through word-of-mouth promotion. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF ANNAMACHARYA COLLEGE OF PHARMACY plays an active role and volunteers in mentoring their juniors in their areas of expertise. Their optimistic posts on social media make the institution’s name reach every nook and corner. The Institution has notable alumni placed at various organizations nationally and internationally. They have provided referrals to their peers and juniors. Alumni of the institution are pursuing/have pursued their higher education in eminent institutions of India, the USA and Canada.

  • To conduct meetings of the alumni association regularly.
  • To organize seminars and conferences at state, national and international level.
  • To construct an office and guest house for association in institute premises.
  • To provide advanced technologies in laboratories of the institute.
  • To provide books, journals of national and international publishers to the institute library.
  • To conduct awareness programs on pharmacy education in rural places.
  • To train up poor students of slums and rural areas in technical education.
  • To raise funds from alumni members.
  • To approach or apply to state and central govt. departments, nongovernmental voluntary agencies in India and overseas funding agencies for financial assistance for facilities and schemes meant for the benefit of students of this Institute and poor especially living in rural and tribal areas. To give guidance to the students who are going abroad for higher education.
  1. PRESIDENT: He presides over all meetings of the both General Body and Executive committee, he can cast his vote in case of tie. He can supervise all the branches of society.
  2. VICE PRESIDENT: He assists the president in discharging his duties, in the absence of the president he shall perform the duty of the president as entrusted by him.
  3. GENERAL SECRETARY: He is the executive officer of the society and custodian to all records relating to the society and correspondent on behalf of the society. He has to take on records of all minutes of the society to convey both bodies of the society with the permission of the president. He guides the treasure in preparing the budget and expenditure statement of the society.
  4. JOINT SECRETARY: he has to do the work entrusted by the executive committee. He has to maintain accounts properly in discharging his duties, in the absence of a secretary, he can perform the duties of the secretary.
  5. TREASURER: He is responsible for all financial transactions and funds of society. He has to maintain accounts properly along with the vouchers he has to prepare the accounts of the society jointly with the secretary of the president.
  6. OFFICE BEARERS: They are the responsible persons to attend to such activities of the society which the executive committee entrusts to them.
  7. QUORUM: 25 members for general body meeting and 3 for executive committee meeting.
  8. FUNDS: The funds shall be spent only for the objects and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly to any of the members through any means.
  9. AMENDMENTS: No amendment or alteration shall be made in the purpose of association unless it is voted by 2/3 of its members present at a special meeting conveyed for the purpose and confirmed by 2/3 of the members present at a second special meeting.
  10. WINDING UP: In case the society has to wound up the property and funds of the society that remain after discharging the liabilities, if any, shall be transferred or paid to some other institution with similar aims and objectives.
  11. ENFORCEMENT OF JUDGMENT: The enforcement of judgment on the property of the association shall be in accordance with the provisions of sec.27 of A.P. societies Registration Act , 35 of 2001 followed.
  12. SUITS: The association may sue or to be sued in the name of the president as determined by the rules and regulations of the Registered Association as per the provisions laid down in section (19) of the A.P. Societies Act, 35 of 2001
  13. OTHERS: if any things done or any action taken under the said acts in the exercise of any power confirmed by or under the said acts shall be deemed to have been done or taken in the exercise of the powers conferred by or under this act 35 of 2001 of A.P societies registration act will be force and action taken
  • Board Members
  • Student Details
  • Alumni Meet
  • Alumni Contributions

Board Members

Members of Alumni Association

S.No Name of the member Designation
1. Dr. D.Swarnalatha President
2. Mr. M.Madhu Vice-President
3. Mr. V.Sarovar Reddy General Secretary
4. Mrs. P.Anitha Joint Secretary-I
5. Dr. M.Pramod Kumar Joint Secretary-II
6. Mr. Y.Pradeep Kumar Treasurer
7. Mr. U.Narasimhulu Executive Member
8. Dr. M.Pramod Kumar Executive Member
9. Mr. S. Ashok Kumar Executive Member
10. Mr.Sk. Hafeez Executive Member

Student Details

Alumni Student Details

S.No Alumni Student Details Download
1 B Pharmacy 2005 Click Here
2 B Pharmacy 2004 Click Here
3 B Pharmacy 2003 Click Here
4 M Pharmacy Pharmaceutics Click Here
5 M Pharmacy Chemistry Click Here

Alumni Meet

Alumni Meets

S.No Name of the Event Date Remarks
1. Alumni Meet – 2021 20th February 2021 Success
2. Alumni Meet – 2018 28th December 2018 Success
3. Alumni Meet – 2017 14th August 2017 Success
4. Alumni Meet – 2016 13th August 2016 Success
5. Alumni Meet – 2015 8th – 9th August, 2015 Success
6. Alumni Meet – 2014 9th – 10th August, 2014 Success
7. Alumni Meet – 2013 10th – 11th August, 2013 Success
8. Alumni Meet – 2012 11th -12th August, 2012 Success

Alumni Contributions

Alumni Contributions


Alumni of ANCP donated digital weighing balances to Dept of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department of pharmacognosy.
And PG Department of Pharmaceutical chemistry and Pharmaceutical Analysis.

Mr B Venkata Prasasth alumni of Annamacharya college of Pharmacy donated textbooks to the library of ANCP. He was 19th batch from Ancp