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Advance Research Center

Research / Seminar / Conference Grants
S.No Name of the Investigator Funding Agencies Title Sanctioned amount (Rs.) Year
1 Dr. D. Swarnalatha AICTE – RPS {Lr.No.8023/RID/RPS-5(Pvt.)/2011-12 dt 29-12-2011} Phytochemical and Biological Studies on unexplored tradition medicinal plants 6,90,000/- 2011-12
2 Dr. C. Gopinath AICTE – Seminar Grant (F.NO.7-117/RIFD/SG/POL-1/2016-17) Clinical Research, Pharmacovigilance & Medical writing 1,00,000/- 2016-17
3 Dr. D. Swarnalatha AICTE –  Grant for Organizing Conference (GOC) (F.No.67-84/RIFD/GOC/POL-1/2017-18 Dated 30.07.2019) Significance of Herbal Drugs and Nutraceuticals in Preventing Diseases 5,00,000/- 2017-18
4 Dr. D. Swarnalatha PCI {Ref.No.14-293/2018-PCI(insttletter}/16145} Continuing Education Programme (CEP) 3,00,000/- 2018-19
5 Dr. P. Dwarakanadha Reddy DST-NIMAT (EDII/DST-NIMAT/18-19/E-35) Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp 20,000/- 2018-19
6 Dr. P. Dwarakanadha Reddy DST-NIMAT (EDII//DST-NIMAT/19-20/RLS-I/161) Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp 20,000/- 2019-20
7 Dr. P.Dwarakanadha Reddy AICTE – Short Term Training Programme(STTP) Ref. No.34-66/370/FDC/STTP/Policy-1/2019-20 Applications of quality by design and other computational tools in pharmaceutical product development: current trends and future prospectives 4,01,333/- 2019-20
List of Full –Time Research Scholars
S. No Name of the Scholor Title of Research work Year Registered Year Awarded Supervisor Co-Supervisor
Pursuing Research Scholars
1. Mr. M. Nagendra Babu Rational design, synthesis and biological screening of some novel hydrazide-hydrazine derivatives as potential therapeutic essence 2016 -- Dr. D. Swarnalatha Dr. S. V. Sathyanarayana
2. Dr. B. Manoj Kumar Assessment and combating anti-microbial resistance threats in community and hospitals of rayalaseema districts 2017 -- Dr. T. S. M. Saleem --
3. Dr. R. V. Anil Kumar Evaluation of safety and efficacy of acid suppressing drugs in psychiatric patients with gastric acid related disorders 2019 -- Dr. P. Dwarakanatha Reddy --
Awarded Research Scholars
4. Dr. N. Raghavendra Naveen Development of different drug delivery systems of selected anti-diabetic drug 2014 2018 Dr. C. Gopinath Dr. D. Subba Rao
5. Dr. Vasavi Devi Development and validation of analytical methods for active pharmaceutical ingredients in bulk and its dosage form 2016 2020 Dr. D. Swarnalatha Dr. G. V. Subba Reddy