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National Service Scheme Special Camp

Students of Annamacharya Pharmacy College partake in National Service Scheme Special Camp organized by NSS at Government Mandal Parishad School, Munakkayala palli village, Rajampet along with the NSS Volunteers, Dr.K.Aadhi Narayana- NNS Programming Officer, and Dr. D.Swarnalatha – Principal.

Visit to rural places allows imbibing the national culture, needs of students, focusing weaker areas like diet, healthcare, education, and the challenges they need to overcome. NSS connects urban and rural youth by bridging the gaps with the help of educational games and knowledge sharing.

Student’s efforts received encouragement and appreciation from C.Gangi Reddy- Secretary, Ramachandra Reddy- Chairman, C.Yella Reddy- Vice Chairman, and C.Abhisheik Reddy- Treasurer.