Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) & Programme Outcomes (POs)

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

1. Pharmacy graduates will have strong background in pharmaceutical sciences with excellent knowledge in drugs and pharmaceuticals and very good skills to cater the health-care needs of the society and able to use these tools for personal and professional endeavors.

2.To impart sound knowledge in the different curriculum like Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry including Analytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Pharmacology, Formulation and Development to utilized for designing and to create novel herbal or synthetic pharmaceutical products in the view of drug discovery at an affordable price for the benefit of human being.

3.To acquire knowledge towards the current needs in the research activities carried out in various fields of pharmacy which implies the novel research approach towards the drug discovery and development to fulfill the requirement to save the patient from various unrevealed disease ailment.

4.To promote health improvement, wellness and disease prevention in cooperation with public and patient community, and other members of an inter- professional team of health care providers through periodical updating of Drug Information.

5.To provide conducive, congenial atmosphere that enables the students to acquire the excellent attitude, behaviors, moral and ethical values to nurture the profession compete.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

1. Develop an understanding for the need of pharmaceutical sciences and technology towards giving quality life to people in society through the quality of medicines.

2. Apply the knowledge and skills gained through education to gain recognition in professional course and society.

3.To create awareness in society about the effective and safe use of medicines.

4.Act efficiently as a leader in the diverse areas of the profession to demonstrate the ability to plan and implement professional activities.

5.To provide a practical knowledge of the basic pharmaceutical sciences and the skill, acquire to deal with problems towards problem solving through

6.Develop ability for in-depth information and critical thinking in order to identify, formulate and solve the issues related to Pharmaceutical Industry, Regulatory Agencies, Hospital Pharmacy & clinical Pharmacy for better services to the community.

7.Identify the goals and regulations involved in the drug discovery and development, manufacture, distribution and sale of medicines and develop problem-based learning approach and analytical thinking in his/her academic and professional life.

8.To design and develop process to perform experiments in various pharmaceutical areas like Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry including Analytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Pharmacology, Formulation and Development.

9.To fill the gap with other health care communities to provide innovative solutions for the purpose to maintain public health.

10.To develop team spirit for the development of student profession to the social needs and professional ethics.

11. Updating the knowledge through continuous learning to face the challenges for better services to the community.